What to Expect


Harvest Light Ministries has been around since 2000. We launched the church in Savannah in August of 2012 and have been having a great time ever since! 

While you’re here, we want you to relax. You’re in a safe place. Whether you’ve never been in church before or you’re a seasoned church veteran, you can anticipate an encouraging experience in a service designed to be relevant to your life.

We believe we are a unique church. We really do value Family.  It is our greatest desire to enjoy being Christians together, sharing life with it's victories, trials, and fullness. From the beginning, our church has been established on a foundation of relationships. Since August 2012, our church family has grown from a small group to what you see today. 

Whatever your circumstances and no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, you matter to God. And to us. We recognize that each person has something valuable to offer. We are a growing church, and though we are young in our expression here in Savannah we have a mature and developed goal for many areas of ministry from the children and youth, onward to releasing disciples to make a life-chaning impact on the world they live in.

Our vision is simple: GROW.  Why exist if you are not wanting to grow?  Growth speaks of health and as we grow we want to always be looking for the Lost to be Saved - making disciples until the Lord Returns.  We focus to be a safe place that believes Freedom in the Lord is a key to strength, courage, and creativitiy.  We want to be a church that glorifies God as we balance the Truth of Scripture with the Power of the Holy Spirit being expressed in His CHURCH.

Our Reason for Being

Our desire, as a relavent church proclaiming the word of God, Uniting with other dedicated Christians to Restore both the message and the messenger.  Becoming a fellowship for Equipping and Releasing disciples with the Gospel of Reconciliation.  Ever focused on presenting a message of Love and Commitment, Hope and Responsibility so that everywhere around us is a growing reflection of the Lord's presense.

What We Value

We acknowledge God’s presence in our lives and our dependence upon Him. We accept God’s challenges with faith and look for His direction in everyday life.

We encourage growth toward wholeness in spirit, soul and body. We recognize that this growth happens through relationships with people and with God. We believe that life is not only about “arriving at a destination” but “being on the journey.”

We value a sense of community and want you to feel at home. We appreciate how God uniquely designed you and are committed to helping you find your place. Together, we strive for excellence in everything we do.