Our Vision


Our Vision for the Fellowship:

Harvest Light Fellowship Church's vision is to become a vibrant Church family.

Since we are a new church plant started by Harvest Light Ministries, our current vision or goal set before us is to be a place where people of all ages are ministered to by gifted and talented individuals anointed by their King, Jesus, to be a part of what He is doing. This means Worship, Preaching, Teaching, Children's Ministry, Teen and Young Adults, Women and Men, Home Groups and educational discipleship programs. All of us growing stronger and closer to the Lord.  Since the average church plant project takes anywhere from 3-5 years to become solid in most of the basic and foundational aspects of Church life, this is currently the center of our activies as a family.


Our Vision for the Ministry:

'Harvest Light' is primarily an evangelistic and equiping ministry and our most recent and current project is a new church plant in Savannah, Georgia.  Their are other pages that speak of our founders (Bill and Chris NeSmith) and our history.  Take a look at those for further details.  In essense, our main vision as a ministry is to equip and train individuals in their calling a purposes as defined within the individual's personal relationship to the Lord.  Our job is to come alongside and encourage, to provoke to good works, and to supply a place to learn and try new things in the Lord's Freedom - where the Holy Spirit is Lord.

Harvest Light Ministries was founded in 2000 with a purpose to heal and bring hope, to build and to equip people for ministry. The Church and Christians are not meant to live on the fringe of society but are called to make a difference in lives, culture, and even nations. Ultimately, the restoration and release of both individual and cultural groups will bring about change to the world that no force can stop.

Harvest Light started out with a vision of many people in a harvest field at night. Tools were all around them on the ground and we intended to shine an equipping light around them to reveal these tools and develop their use.

Harvest Light has gone through a shift over the last number of years in that we are addressing the belief that since the Light of God is in all of us (I John 1:5; John 8:12; Matt. 5:14-16), we want to be a part of harvesting that light - to bring to full fruit the nature, character, heart, vision, and purposes of God that are in everyone as they recognize they were created in His image.

It is our heart that the the body of Christ begin to walk in the freedom that Christ gave His life for.     'It is for FREEDOM that Christ came - to set us free!'  (Galatians 5:1)


Our Vision for the Region:

     Our mission in ministry is to equip and release Christians (Eph. 4:11-12) to make a difference in the world in all areas of culture - to be faithful in doing so until the Lord Jesus returns.  Our primary aim is to build a church in Savannah that grows and becomes strong in the spiritual life that we were meant to have.  As the Word of God is spiritually discerned, so too is the life given to us - a life more abundantly meant for freedom.  A religious spirit or legalism kills the spiritual life, a life of freedom, quicker than anything else.  Freedom is not without discipline, but is free from the bondage of fear and legalism.  Gal. 5:1, we are meant to be free.

     We will work to establish a three-fold cord of strength working with spiritual, business, and governmental leaders to enhance the lives of those in the communities we are working in.  As we grow, we will educate, equip, train, and prepare people for a full, secure, and vibrant life built on truth, justice, and freedom found most complete in the Bible infused with real-life experience.


Our Vision for the People:

As a Fellowship and a covering Ministry, we believe that every Christian has been given a role to play in the work that Jesus Christ claimed from Isaiah 61

We also believe that no matter what has happened in your life that, in itself, does not prevent you from being a part of an eternally valuable and world transforming experience. Many people have been hurt by choices, mistakes, and events from life and need another chance; many others are looking for an avenue to be a part of something that has eternal meaning. We are Uniting to Restore, and Equipping to Release.

The Church has a hope and a future that is bright and glorious. We as Christians have a high calling to fulfill. Isaiah 61 and Luke 4 record the broad yet primary reason that Jesus Christ came to earth so long ago.


The five items mentioned in Luke 4:18-19 are our marching orders as we, as members of His Body, work to engage in what He, the Head, was anointed to do:

18 'The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, 19 To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.'