Our Story

We Are In!  Will You Join Us?

     Harvest Light Ministries (MFM Affiliate) is spreading the Gospel and building the Church through teaching, worship, and evangelistic outreach.  Along with speaking and ministering in the U.S. and Europe to reach the lost and equipping Christians to be strong and secure examples of Christ's love and life we are also planting a Morningstar affiliated church (MFC Affiliate) in Savannah Georgia called Harvest Light Fellowship.


As of July 1, 2013 - We now have 4,800 sq. ft of space that allows us to expand our children's ministry and also the bookstore and cafe which is our community connecting point.  We have leased a third location, see image just below.   This allows us to now connect all the units under one contiguous space.

Phase II Work Is 'Completed'   (AND THEN SOME)  FloorplanThere is always room for improvements and development but we are in our new sanctuary now as of January 12, 2013.  The images at the link just below are of the right-hand portion of a storefront facility.   This is an expansion to include a  2,400 sq. ft. location for our main services area - changing the smaller unit to children's ministry, office space, and other uses. 

With the inclusion of this phase we will occupy the 2,400 sq. ft. space for our Sanctuary and the 1,200 sq. ft. space for Children's Church, our Bookstore, and church offices.
Click here for photos that chronicle the building of our new sanctuary facilities.

A Great Place to Worship

Phase III Work Is 'Ongoing'

This phase included an additional 1200 sq. ft. space that joined our first two units.  This new space was sandwiched between our original unit and our expanded sanctuary - this space was logically called 'The Connector' as it allows us to connect the two prior units and not holds our Connector Cafe and supports our weekday outreach to the community with the bookstore and being joined with a Cafe environment.  The Children's area has since grown to a encompass the bulk of the space in Phase I.

Phase IIII is on the Horizon

We used the adjoining 6,000 sq. ft. space for our Savannah Freedom Conference and Church Launch back in August 2012.  We never leased the space on a monthly basis as it was only used for that Conference weekend.  Our intent is to need more space and use what we need.  Trusting the Lord's timing and His direction - we will soon be using the space again for our weekly Sunday Meetings as we go deeper into what the Lord has for us here in these facilties.  Stay tuned as we update - we have our first trial use of this space on Sunday April 26, 2015.  Come out and join us.


Savannah Church Is Designed To Be:


• A state of the art facility for training in ministry through the use of  'experience rooms' and other means whereby participants get practical experience in public speaking (preaching and teaching) and leading worship, culminating in their release in ministry as the Lord leads.
• A place for our members to discover/develop their spiritual giftings through education, training, and release.
• A place of worship at all times, likened to the tabernacle of David (Acts 15:15-16) - a full, free, and vibrant house of worship for all people to bless the Lord.
• A local church serving the families of those in the immediate area as well as our military families stationed at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Air Field.
• A conference center for equipping conferences and building strategic alliances with other community leaders, ministries, organizations, and churches.
• A place to coordinate Disaster Response Training and Teams.

Launch and Growth Plan:

Phase I: The initial lease will be for a 1,200 sq. ft. office facility that will serve as our base for reaching the community and general administration.  It will allow us to get 'on the ground' locally and plan for the launch weekend, connect with area leaders, and build for stability and growth.  Update: Completed July 1, 2012

Phase II:  See Photos Here  Phase II has included the expansion into a larger space primarily used for our worship services and nursery.  Much of the cost for the buildout has been taken care of.  All that is needed now are the furnishings (more chairs, cribs, children's ministry tables), upgrade in sound equipment,  and renovation of the platform area to name a few items necessary for initial occupancy.   Phase II will cost approximately $10,000 to complete.  Update: Occupied Jan 12, 2013

Phase III (Current through First Year):  Phase III regular monthly pledges will be used primarily for our sustaining period which includes the ongoing lease, utilities, advertising and administrative expenses through our 3-5 year stablization plan.

The church plant is a project of Harvest Light Ministries under the leadership of Bill and Chris NeSmith (HLM founders) and the Board of Directors with the goal of multiplying all resources donated to projects by supplementing with donated materials and labor as available.

YOU can share in the blessings of impacting the people of Savannah and the surrounding communities. The Harvest Light MFC Savannah Fellowship is dedicated to the Lord in helping fulfill the Great Commission impacting individuals, communities, and nations for the cause of Christ and for His glory.

We invite you to come and visit us and join with us in prayer, volunteer laborers, building materials, and financial investment.

Contact Bill and Chris NeSmith, Founder/Pastors: unity@harvestlight.org
or call 912-335-5027 for more info.

See photos and subscribe to updates on the
Savannah Church Plant: http://harvestlight.org/missions

Donations can be made securely online:
http://harvestlight.org/donate or send your check to:
Harvest Light Ministries | PO Box 60563 | Savannah, GA 31420

     For Savannah, GA Church Plant     (Savannah Freedom)


General Details:

Jul. 1, 2012 - PHASE I: We signed a lease for our initial space of 1,200 sq. ft. that held our offices and santuary space.

Aug. 12, 2012 - We held our kickoff "Savannah Freedom" Conference with Rick Joyner, LTG (ret) W. G Jerry Boykin and others in the 6,000 space provided for the event.

Jan. 12, 2013 - PHASE II: We expanded and added an additional 2,400 sq. ft. space to host or much need santuary and worship facilities.  Larger sound system was installed and our children's ministry was launched in the 1,200 space along with our offices.

Feb. 1, 2013 - We started our SOS School of the Spirit meetings on Friday Nights and the Bookstore & Cafe area was expended.

July 1, 2013 - PHASE III: We expanded again and added an additional 1,200 space to provide an area for greater community outreach and a space for fellowship and our teens to hangout. This space is also used for outreach and discipleship.


From Dec. 2011 until August, 2012 Harvest Light Ministries visited the Savannah Area and met in facilities monthly on the 2nd Saturday of each month with a Praise and Worship event to get to know the community, explore the viable future, and develop a local team for possibly starting a church fellowship in the area.  The space below is right near where we currently meet today on Ogeechee Road.

Pre-launch Space - 6,000 square feet (Long-term Target Use)

(Photos taken May 14, 2012 during Pre-Launch Saturday Public Worship Event)


PHASE 1 - 1,200

From August, 2012 until January, 2013 we met in Phase I - 1,200 square feet space

This smaller space was used for office and general operations as well as smaller meetings.  Prior to July 2013. we use it for office, childrens ministry, smaller meetings, and our bookstore cafe.  At some point we may use it for regular evening training classes to prepare people for job and skills development.  We believe that as an individual prospers, so does their family and the church fellowship.

(As our first sanctuary-July 2012)

(Initial - Prior to Occupancy - June 2012)


PHASE 2 - 2,400 (total 3,600)

From January, 2012 until July, 2013 we progressed on to Phase II - 2,400 square feet (Occupied January 12th, 2013)

This larger space still serves as our main worship and conference facility.  As we grow, so will its use.  The new sanctuary area is critical to our success as a church in Savannah and fulfilling our purpose and calling there in the city and surrounding county. 

A Great Place to Worship

See Photos More Here

Our initial 1,200 Phase I spot is transformed, into a Bookstore/Cafe, Childrens Church Area, and General Administrative Offices, after we assumed the 2400 space for new sanctury in January, 2013.


PHASE 3 - 1,200 (total 4,800)

From July, 2013 until Present we progressed on to Phase III - 1,200 square feet (Occupied July 1st, 2013)

(Image below presents the space we currently hold as of July 1, 2013 and we do not believe we are done yet.

Out Front of Park 17 Center   

The addition of this third section of the leaseable facilities brings our total space to just over 4,800 sq. ft.  This was most critical because the additional space allows us to develope our Children's Ministry Space (previously our initial space) as well as develop a connecting and discipleship space.  This new space (detailed in the image above in YELLOW, is not called 'The Connector'.  The Connector is also fully functional public cafe and bookstore to the public.